Admissions and Procedure for referrals

Only referrals from the District Offices are accepted by the school. Referrals to LSEN schools are solely a district driven and managed process. All placements in LSEN schools are done by the GDE District Officials.

  • Parents of pre-school learners should apply directly to the District Office in the region where they reside. Reports from doctors and therapists that have attended the child must be included in the application.
  • Parents of learners already in a school and experiencing specific barriers to learning must consult with the learner’s current school to begin the SIAS process of referral to the District Office. There are several departmental documents which will be needed, including SNA1 and SNA2 forms, as well as reports from doctors and therapists.  The current school submits the application, via a link, to their District Office.
  • Parents of learners not currently enrolled in a school; or who are receiving home schooling; or are attending an independent school, must apply directly to the District Office in the area where they reside.

Potential learners awaiting placement in Special Schools are evaluated for the District by a multi-disciplinary team. Based on the team’s findings, the District official will then make the recommendation for the learner to be placed in a school that best suits the learner’s special educational needs.

Placements are done throughout the year at the appropriate schools by the District Offices.