Welcome to New Hope School

Foundation Phase

 “To teach a child to count numbers can be a well-practiced activity but to teach the child what counts in life is far more important”

In the Foundation Phase we encourage learners to explore and develop a love for learning through the facilitation of the CAPS curriculum. Our educators are passionate about facilitating learning and encouraging lifelong learning. Working with children with special needs is a calling. The Foundation Phase educators are well equipped to help learners with barriers to learning and are dedicated to helping learners reach their full potential. The CAPS curriculum is followed with emphasis on a multi-sensory approach to make the work accessible for all the learners.

In the Foundation Phase, educators aim to empower learners to develop socially, academically and psychologically. A holistic view towards education and our multi-disciplinary approach to learning, allow learners to grow and develop in a safe environment. Partnerships between parents, learners and the school are high on our priority list, to ensure that each learners’ individual needs are met.

The Foundation Phase follows a holistic approach and therefore partakes in culture and sport activities during school hours. Annual excursions are taken and educational presentations are brought to the learners to provide them with new life experiences and knowledge about the world around them.

Robotics and coding is a new subject being introduced in the phase. This subject is integrated in all Foundation phase subjects. Coding and robotics are aimed at guiding and preparing learners to solve problems, think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, and function in a digital and information-driven world. They learn to apply digital and ICT skills to solve everyday problems and its possibilities, including equipping learners for meaningful and successful living in a rapidly changing and transforming society.

Our mission in the Foundation Phase is for every child to reach their full potential.